Why Relocation

Getting a job abroad is an interesting experience and an important challenge for both the foreign employees as well as their families.

However, feeling at home in a new country, a foreign language, new habits, another climate, a new house, … is not always so straightforward.

As a multi-national company you make important investments in foreign assignments:

You care about the foreign employee, his family and his well being.
Good preparation of the move, including detailed information about the host country, and maximum assistance in order to get settled in the new environment are crucial aspects of a successful project abroad.

But you also care about the company’s cost efficiency, time saving and corporate image.
Relocation support has been recognized as a need, but is often very time consuming, requiring expertise in many domains.
HR departments therefore often make use of the professional expatriate services of an external relocation company.

Be Welcome aims to make life easier, both for the company which is organizing the international assignment as well as for the expatriate and his family.


"I would like to thank you very much for your kind hospitality while we were in Belgium"
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