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Enclosed you find some statements from our customers who express their satisfaction for Be Welcome’s services.
We hereby want to thank them for their confidence and for our cooperation.

Hi Mr. Soers,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for your kind
hospitality while we were in Belgium. The customer and myself are
remembering these great moments each time we speak together.
The photos as well were very nice. I send you the regards and the thanks of all the team.
They send as well their thanks and regards to your nice daughter, I hope she is well.
I thank you again for your help and all the support you gave us!
I still keep my promise to welcome you and your family in Egypt at any time.

Your friend
Ashraf Yostos
Alcatel Egypt


I am Subhas Bajracharya,

currently manager at New Services Directorate for Mobile and Internet Service of Nepal Communication Corporation.
During my service in this organisation, I have visited Belgium 3 times from 1988 till 2000. I came to know Jules very well during our training at Alcatel University in Antwerp.
We were very lucky to have a person like Jules.
He is a person who has absolutely no reservation when it comes to hospitality.
He always tried every means to make us feel at home and solve all our problems whatever it may be, even if he had to use his personal effort for it.
I hope every success and happiness for him and his family in the days to come.


Subhas Bajracharya

"The support towards our foreign employees was a very time consuming job. We faced complex problems and asked the assistance of an external relocation company.
The professional and friendly support of Be Welcome ensured a rappid integration of our employees."

"We got to know what Belgium could offer us and we had a good idea of where we would go to live. It made us feel comfortable and well prepared to the move... "

"Arriving late that night in Brussels Airport, it was really pleasing to rely on the services of Be Welcome."

"Thanks to the support of Be Welcome we could easily find a comfortable place to live, close to the office and with a nice garden for the children. We really felt at home in our new guest country."

"Be Welcome took care of all typical Belgian formalities which saved us a lot of time and trouble to get all our legalities arranged."

Dear collegues and our dear Jules,

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to Jules and all of you for making the last weekends trip a lovely one.
It was a very well organised and well-planned trip that made us easy to travel (in the nice bus arranged by Jules) and also the long walk in the track that we would have never been able to discover if not for Jules.

Jules, I'd like to let you know that the feedback from all people here after the trip was wonderful and it was the best one-day outings we have ever had.
All of us had lot of fun with the guiding comments as we were driving through the beautiful places and of course your timely jokes.

And yeah! I should not forget to mention the delicious cookies that we had for breakfast.

Thanks very much for that too Jules.

Software Company India

"The project was completed successfully. We were fully supported in preparing the return to our home country. However we will miss Belgium and its wonderful hospitality…"

Dear friends,

I would like to express my appreciation to Jules Soers.

He is a very good friend of all Chinese people, who have been working at Alcatel Bell.
Jules is a very kind and warm-hearted person. I know him for almost three years.
He loves making friends from all over the world and always tries his best to help them.

Unbelievable, he could speak quite good Chinese and even a few Sangai dialect words.
This makes it quite exiting to talk with him.

He organised several trips for Chinese, Indian and Mexican people to visit the towns and forests of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
He introduced us to the historical and beautiful stories of Europe and let us enjoy the time here.

He also invited us to show his nice slides from different countries he has been to.
We did like him very much.
Best wishes to Jules and good luck for his bicycling trip to China.

We will welcome him in Shanghai.

Wang Shu
Shangai Bell

Dear Jules,

Thank you very much for sending the pictures. Some of them turned out very well. Thanks again for the great day out. My Mother and I will remember the tour of Brugge for many years I am sure.

Hope to see you again one day. If you and your wife are ever in Paris
please tell me.

All the best

Dear Mr. Soers:

Thank you for your entertainment while we were in Belgium.
Your warm-heartedness and generosity impress me so much.

It was so kind of you to invite us to your lovely home to share with your life and wonderful memories. And I will never forget your homemade spaghetti and chilli tofu.

Everything was so nice.

Without your help, we couldn't spend anytime in Amsterdam. I really appreciate your help.

I also deliver your best regards to my colleagues.
They all regard you as a friendly old friend.
We all miss you and thank you what you have done for us.

We hope to see you soon in the near future.
And please send our best regards to Mrs. Soers.

Thanks & Take care!

Sincerely Yours

Elaine Chen
Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd.
10F, Communication Building,Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Mr Soers,

The trip with Be Welcome was really very nice and well organised.
Mr.Soers is really a great man.
With his personal touch, and experience he makes the trip like we are family.
He described the history of Brugge in brief and in detail some times, because this city is really very rich of history.
It gave me a pleasure to visit this city with the company Be welcome.
So thank you very much,
And for sure now Belgium is very well known for me.
I will visit it again with my family, and I will visit Brugge again with Be Welcome.

Again thank you very much!

Hani Abu-Elkhair (the Palestine's)
Manager Network Implementation