Why Be Welcome

Sending highly educated and key persons of your organization for a short or long term to a foreign environment results in high financial costs for the company on the one hand and heavy psychological and social consequences for the family on the other hand.

With its wide range of expatriate services, Be Welcome aims to reduce these efforts, both for the company as well as for the visitors, to a minimal level.

Our support will contribute to:

  • Higher employee satisfaction
    • dedicated assistance in new environment
    • rapid and positive integration
    • fewer “premature” returns to home country
  • Higher effectiveness of employee in Belgium
    • focus on core job/project
    • no training/job delays
  • Relieve HR of expatriate support
    • broad capabilities, knowledge and skills (legal, social, cultural, commercial contacts)
    • very time consuming
    • no continuous workload but irregular peaks
    • unexpected and urgent problem solving
  • Important Cost savings
    • housing & travel costs
    • negotiated prices
    • professional selection on basis of experience and knowledge of local market
  • A positive and professional company image
    • extra service to the employee as part of the total remuneration package

Be Welcome guarantees:

  • Quality and professionalism
    • based on our knowledge and experience
  • Personal involvement
    • understanding of foreign cultures and highly sensitive adaptation to the new environment
    • friendly and attentive support at all levels
  • Independence
    • from all parties involved in order to ensure an honest and objective advice
  • Expatriate Care with a personal touch


"The professional and friendly support of Be Welcome ensured a rappid integration of our employees"
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