Once it is decided to come to Belgium, one of the key issues is to find the right place to live.
House, apartment, or hotel: buying or renting, … Be Welcome will assist in making the right choice.

The program consists of:

  • Pre-arrival information:
    Based on the personal relocation form, we will select suitable living locations and set up a visiting schedule.
  • Getting to know your new neighborhood:
    We will guide the expatriate and his family through the selected neighborhood, giving an impression of schools, civil services, shopping areas, sport facilities, cultural facilities, clubs, types of transportation, ...
  • Househunt assistance:
    Working independently from the real estate market and based on the expatriate’s personal needs and priorities, we will make a selection of locations that we will visit.
    We will check all requirements, organize transportation and accompany the expatriate and his family during the visits.
    We will provide independent and professional information so the client can make the right choice at the right price.
  • Lease Contract assistance:
    We will assist or represent the expatriate in negotiation, signing, explaining, and translating the contract.
    We will take care of registering the lease at the registration office and handle all necessary documents.
  • Inventory assistance:
    We will assist or represent the expatriate in the pre-inventory check and inspection of the property.
  • Utilities assistance:
    We will organize the subscription and installation of all utilities e.g. water, gas, electricity, telephone, TV cable, Internet connection, ...
  • Furniture assistance:
    We will assist the expatriate and his family in:
    furniture renting or buying, second hand or new,
    selecting decorating needs,
    getting price estimates,
    making the necessary purchases,
    selecting cleaning services, handyman, electricians, gardener, ...
  • Bank and insurance assistance:
    Independent from bank and insurance companies, we will assist in:
    obtaining the bank guarantee,
    opening bank accounts,
    renting safes,
    all necessary insurance policies e.g. fire insurance, theft insurance, ...