Departure service

Once the stay in Belgium is about to end, Be Welcome can help and make sure that all necessary transfers, cancellation procedures and closures are being completed on a legal basis.
We can assist in following matters:

  • Lease cancellation and inventory assistance:
    we will assist in:
    terminating lease contracts,
    recovering deposits,
    final inventory check,
    returning keys to property owners
  • Bank and insurance cancellation and/or transfer:
    e.g. closing all bank accounts,
    closing bank or credit cards,
    closing insurance contracts that have been subscribed during the stay in Belgium
  • Utilities cancellation:
    e.g. water,
    ADSL, ...
    and make sure that the expatriate’s mail is forwarded to his new address or to the person indicated by his company for follow up.
  • Furniture resale assistance:
    On request, we can assist you in reselling your furniture and other possessions
  • De-registering with legal and tax authorities
  • Contacts packing and shipping
  • Last day "farewell" service:
    Be Welcome will take care of:
    flight confirmation 24 hours ahead of departure,
    pick-up at hotel or accommodation,
    transport to airport,
    assistance at custom clearance,
    assistance at check in